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Dorothy Heathcote Now 2023 Conference has come to an end...

Watch out for Dorothy Heathcote Now 2024!


Dorothy Heathcote was ahead of her time. Her work continues to provide models, inspiration, and challenges. Her vision of a revolution in the way we think about education seems even more urgent now than ever. 


At the Dorothy Heathcote Now International Drama Conference 2023, we looked at the use of drama conventions in different contexts.

We are now working on a special edition of the journal Education in the North.


We are looking for articles and features that will add to the discussion. Topics might include:

  • Applications and uses of conventions in different contexts

  • How conventions draw on theatre form

  • Uses of Heathcote’s conventions in Mantle of the Expert


We anticipate that the issue will include not only academic texts, but also pieces by teachers and drama practitioners who might take a more practical approach.


Different types of submission are possible:

- Articles (up to 8000 words)

- Features (up to 4000 words)

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Submission Deadlines:

1. Expression of interest and 500-word abstract by 31 October 2023

2. Submission of manuscript by 19 January 2024.

For more details, see the Call for Papers in the PDF:


As part of the 2023 conference, we ran a series of free online events.


The first featured David Montgomery, who shared his memories of working with Dorothy at New York University (see video).

The second session featured Brian Edmiston and Iona Towler-Evans, talking about "Humanizing Teaching with Dramatic Inquiry," and sharing examples from their recent practice.

In the third session, Viv Aitken and Tim Taylor discussed the realities of Mantle of the Expert around the world.

More videos from the series to follow shortly!

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Dorothy Heathcote estava à frente de seu tempo. Seu trabalho continua a fornecer modelos, inspiração e desafios. Sua visão de uma revolução na maneira como pensamos a educação parece ainda mais urgente do que nunca. Esta conferência combinará palestras e workshops práticos. Ele examinará os diferentes métodos que ela criou - drama de processo, Manto do especialista, Modelo de comissão e Papel rolante - e as conexões entre eles.


Os palestrantes / apresentadores incluem: Cecily O'Neill, Luke Abbott e Brian Edmiston


Coincidindo com a conferência, a National Association for the Drama of Drama publicará uma edição especial “Dorothy Heathcote” do Journal for Drama in Education. A conferência é organizada pelo Midland Actors Theatre e pela Birmingham City University (BCU). O evento será realizado na BCU, ou online.

Este site é a casa da Rede Mantle, que existe para apoiar professores e praticantes.


Oferece eventos especiais, projetos em escolas e coaching e mentoring.

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